NAME                                                                 TITLE                                                                     PHONE                                        EMAIL

Ed Donahue, MSPT                                     Physical Therapist                                          (805)922-5003                       Ed  Donahue     Mary                                                                    Nursing Supervisor                                       (805)922-0561, Ext 26        Mary

Colleen Pyle                                                    Health Care Practice Consultant           (805)922-0561, Ext 11        Colleen Pyle
Rebecca Valverde, FNP                            Family Nurse Practitioner                          (805)922-0561
Dana Shaheen, PA-C                                  Physician's Assistant                                     (805) 614-9000
Holly Yee                                                          Clinic Supervisor                                             (805)922-0561, Ext 33         Holly Yee
Susie                                                                   PPO Billing/Collections                               (805)922-0561, Ext 32        
Sue                                                                       Work Comp Billing                                         (805)614-9000, Ext. 38
Valerie                                                                Medical Records                                             (805)614-9000, Ext 44        
Cliff Stepp                                                        Marketing Manager                                      (805) 440-7129                        Cliff Stepp
Nena                                                                   Authorizations Coordinator                     (805)614-9000, Ext 43        

Mark Pomerantz, MD         Thomas Caruso , MD            Ed Donahue, M.S.P.T.              Rebecca  Valverde, FNP-C          Dana Shaheen, PA-C                     David Mizes, MD             Abigail Kraemer-Cole, PA-C  

Monday-Friday: 8AM to 6PM
Saturday: 9AM to 3PM

(805) 922-0561    email us

Our address and phone numbers are listed below. In addition is a list of staff email addresses and extensions for your convenience. For general questions email: Central Coast Med Plus

Central Coast Med Plus
340 East Betteravia Road, Suite C
Santa Maria, CA 93454
Phone: (805) 922-0561     Fax: (805) 922-0083

Central Coast Med Plus Occupational Medicine                                      Central Coast Med Plus Physical Therapy
340 East Betteravia Road, Suite A                                                                        2880 Santa Maria Way, Suite C                      
Santa Maria, CA 93454                                                                                              Santa Maria, CA 93454
Phone: (805) 614-9000     Fax: (805) 614-9048                                          (805)922-5003 Fax: (805)347-4732

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